Spring Soccer

Well, at last, we have seen spring arrive, and our Spring Soccer Season started.  But every week so far, we have had rain showers.

This caused a little rescheduling of games, but so far, it has not been too disruptive. Hopefully, our soccer pitches and all gardens, fields, etc., will stay greener for longer this year due to our wet spring.

As spring League is well underway, it is time to consider what else our teams can participate in …… We have the District 7 Cinco De Mayo Tournament on May 4th and 5th.

It is being hosted in and by the Clovis League. If the Application Form has not already been sent out before you read this, it will be emailed to you very soon.

The last Cinco De Mayo tournament we held was a great success, and we hope to make this year even bigger and better. So don’t forget to sign your teams up for this District Tournament. It is open to all D7 teams in age brackets U8 – U19.

At the Tournament, we hope that some teams will try out the new 4-goal game that is very popular in Europe (mandatory in some countries).

In last month’s Komments, John Hodgson, the District Commissioner, wrote about this. And I know that at least one Coach, Diego Haro, has tried this out with his teams. Feel free to re-read “Witnessing Pure Magic!

 The concept: Small-sided games with 4-goals and players encouraged to score as many goals as possible.  If a player scores, they swap out for another player on their team.  This is a fast, fun way of learning how to play across the field as well as up and down, keeping the ball moving at all times and allowing the players more touches of the ball and more goals to celebrate.   If you haven’t tried this, Give It a Go! You can also speak to Diego or Karl.  We do hope we will have some demonstrations of it at the Cinco De Mayo tournament so you can all see the fun to be had.