Remember the Fun Factor

Embarking on the journey of officiating is not just about enforcing rules; it’s an opportunity for individuals to embrace camaraderie, exercise, and, most importantly, have FUN. 

Here are some keys to becoming a successful referee …

Preparation is Key:

  • Review rules and ensure uniforms and supplies are ready well in advance.

  • Consider potential conflicts of interest and communicate unavailable dates to the assignor.

Prompt Decision-Making:

  • Accept or decline assignments promptly to avoid reassignment and maintain priority.

  • Use email, text, or preferred communication methods to inform the assignor.

Document Assignment Details:

  • Once accepted, record key information such as date, field location, age group, game time, and partners.

  • Avoid embarrassing situations by being well-informed and present at the correct location and time.

Accurate Recordkeeping:

  • Keep detailed reports of games, especially noting incidents like card issuances, injuries, or game disruptions.

  • Ensure preparedness for potential questions or lawsuits that may arise later.

Game-to-Game Mindset:

  • Approach each game with a fresh perspective, devoid of preconceived notions, anger, or prejudices.

  • Clear the mind of decision-influencing thoughts to provide fair and equitable decisions consistently.

Avoid Impression of Bias:

  • Refrain from decisions that may imply retaliation, favoritism, or conflicts of interest.

  • Uphold the authority of the official by maintaining an unbiased stance throughout the contest.

Remember the Fun Factor:

  • Acknowledge officiating as an avocation, emphasizing exercise, camaraderie, and FUN.

  • Despite challenges, officials should strive to enjoy the experience, contributing to a positive atmosphere.

Maintain Enthusiasm:

  • Recognize officiating as a balance between vocation and avocation, with FUN being a crucial element.

  • Both officials and players thrive when the enjoyment of the game is present.

Foster a Positive Environment:

  • Strive for a positive experience by having FUN despite external pressures from coaches, fans, or players.

  • Uphold enthusiasm by ensuring a balance between responsibilities and enjoyment in officiating.

Whether one considers refereeing a vocation or avocation, some degree of FUN must be involved to keep the enthusiasm going.  There is little or no enjoyment in refereeing without some degree of FUN involved.