At the moment, Cal North (CYSA) is in a state of change.  We have a new registration system and a new scheduling system.

It is stated that no one likes to change, especially if we are changing from something we have known for years.  We have to put aside our dislike of the change and look to the benefits it will give us in the future.

The positive of this change is that registration and scheduling will be on the same system, and it can be used for in-house scheduling and District and State schedules. However, getting to the point where this positive is demonstrated will probably be next season, as at the moment, most are struggling to get to grips with the system

Registrars are “having fun” getting teams, coaches, and players into the registration site.  Many have to learn the new system from scratch.

We in the playing program have not used the GotSport system before, so setting up the Playing League and working out how to schedule and attach fields is a steep learning curve. Once we are used to the system, entering teams into Events will be simple, which is the positive we should look toward.

So please be patient as we get there and look forward to a time when normality will resume.