Lessons from Coach Graham

Without knowing it by overuse of I-Phones, tablets you are educating your main senses of vision & hearing to be dulled.

This has been the product of several studies with the result that England’s Head Rugby Coach has banned them on match-days. Eddie Jones the Head Coach hired the foremost person on the planet Dr. Sherylle Calder to coach the team on the discipline of when to use Smartphones & Ear-Phones. Overuse is encouraging “inverted vision” and so players lose their vision at critical times.

The other major lesson learned is the closing down of communication between players as they opt out to tune in to their head-phones and team communication is the loser. Ronald Koeman when he coached Everton was amazed at how quiet the dressing room was. It was almost like a library and not a vibrant dressing room of banter & debate.

I notice the habits of players at a local college wrapped up in their head-phones & reading their emails on the way to a game. Little do they realize they are warming up to lose.

Vision & communication skills should be on high alert on game day. Why practice losing before the kickoff?