Remembering Our Purpose

An Open Letter to D-7 Coaches:

By Coach Matt Belson

In roughly a month’s time, the opportunity of a lifetime will present itself to you, bringing with it a treasure trove of exhilaration, inspiration, and gratification. This unheralded adventure will last merely a few months, but it will carry the potential to leave an indelible impact on many people. The promise of passing out high quality trophies to the players, some of which are your own, will motivate achievement and feel extraordinary. All of these joyful outcomes are included when you sign up to be a youth sports coach.

Find the fun in fundamentals or be prepared for a long season. Reward creativity. Dish out praise. Build confidence levels. Find your inner kid.

My experience has taught me that the best result comes when a team is inspired to learn, seek challenges and have fun. Here are a few learning’s I’ve found to be beneficial that I hope you will consider. Click here to read the rest of Coach Belson’s letter!