Your Practices

  • A practice session is rehearsal for the game day routine.
  • Through repetition players begin to reduce the number of errors in their performance.
  • Consistent, sequential exposure to a practice session routine will produce real results.
  • Ask yourself – Does it happen in the game?

If the answer is YES – then do it in practice.

If the answer is   NO – then don’t do it in practice.

  • When player and ball are moving, learning is taking place.
  • When player and ball stop moving, learning stops!
  • Duplicate the excitement of the game in your practice session.
  • The genius of good coaching is to make hard work seem like FUN.
  • Create an atmosphere where the players are allowed to teach themselves!
  • Allow them to experiment and fail their way to success!
  • Teach them at practice what they can work on at home (Hint: Get-a-ball and Find-a-wall)
  • Teach them at practice what they must work on at home (Hint: 1 vs. 1 game)
Learning occurs slowly and that is why patience with ALL players is not only a virtue…
…It is a Teaching Necessity!

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