If WE Put In the Effort!

I have just been reading some interesting articles on Soccer in 2019.  Some supposedly “new-ideas”; how you can practice 5 players vs. 0 players, 4 vs. 1 etc. using number of touches on the ball to define passing or dribbling skills.

When I first took my CYSA “F” License about 28 years ago at Kings Christian School and a Field in Lemoore, these so called “new-ideas” were just a few examples given to show how to get the most out of your players in small sided games. What? New-ideas that are over 28 years old!

WE were a leader in youth soccer back then; WE showed how to set up fields, keep the costs of play down; plus many other great ideas to get players out on the field.

When looking at the combined numbers of USClub and CYSA, playing in northern CA I found out both organizations have not being doing their best for soccer in California. About 8 years ago the combined membership was approximately 240,000 players now it is about 180,000 players.

Well good news!

WE need to understand why the population of CA has grown and there are less players playing soccer.  WE all together can work on ways to change this trend.

The basics of 25+ years ago can be reemphasized; costs can be creatively lowered and players can be encouraged to play; if WE put in the effort!