Referee stops the game for a ‘Spectator Disturbance Time-out.’

Referee and coach determine who is causing the disturbance (Specific-Person). 

Coach is instructed to ask the Specific-Person to stop their thoughtless behavior.

Should the Specific-Person ignore the advice and continue their thoughtless behavior…

Then, the referee must stop the game (again) for a ‘Player Consulting Time-out.’

Referee and a Specific-Player come together for a brief discussion.

Specific-Player asked to join Specific-Person off the field and talk about the situation.

The Specific-Player is immediately replaced by a substitute and the game resumes!

Referee decides when or even if the Specific-Player will be allowed back on the field.

Referee has the discretion to either stop the game-time or keep ‘it’ running during the ‘Time-outs!’

If the Specific-Person is the coach causing the disturbance, a ‘Sideline Disturbance Timeout’ is called. A field marshal or designated official then directs the coach to join the Specific-Player (their child or team captain) off the field to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, the game resumes and Specific-Players can only reenter the game with the referee’s permission.

It’s imperative that all coaches, as role models, adhere to the Laws of the Game!