Persistence Pays Off

By Jamie Howard-Levoy – Head Coach, California Storm

My personal opinion is that most coaches do not make great career advancements, simply because they do not have a coaching philosophy!  Having a coaching philosophy and sticking to ‘it’ is a vital career skill.  In order to succeed, one needs a coaching philosophy and consistent commitment to carry-out that philosophy.

Jamie Howard-Levoy had a coaching philosophy and committed to ‘it’ with consistency.  The result, Jerry Zanelli WPSL Founder and Head Coach of the California Storm, after over 30 years, has made the decision to pass the torch of Head Coach to Jamie Howard-Levoy. 

You can see that Jamie’s philosophy was established by 2006 when she submitted the article entitled, “What They Have Taught Me…”,  which included the following:

“It’s incredible how much the kids want to play and work hard together and for each other when you make practice FUN and create a POSITIVE learning environment.  You know what I mean Koach Karl!  That’s why I am such a big fan of your FUNdamental Soccer philosophy and your ‘9 Step Practice!’

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