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Google the words ‘fundamental soccer,’ and you will find that out of 29,000,000 results, this site is ranked #1.  It could benefit the D-7 soccer community to find out why!

The FUNdamental site is unique because the information published is provided by world-renown individuals answering ‘Questionnaires,’ attendees filling out ‘Event Evaluations,’ and contributors like you!

Coaches, for example, let us know what worked and what did not work with their players after attending a course.  The information was adjusted and tweaked accordingly. We (Instructional Staff and I) experimented with and used training methodologies developed throughout the soccer world. We discarded many trends that did not apply to our soccer environment. We continue to find and share what is relevant to our needs.

  • Players come to practice to play soccer. They do not come to practice to run laps, stand in lines, or listen to the coach.
  • If the player is in motion and the ball is in motion – Learning is taking place.
  • If the player stops or the ball stops – Learning stops.
  • The goal is to bring the action in practice as close to the game condition as possible.


Coaches must take into consideration their attitude toward their players. If you think they cannot do something or they will get bored doing it! – You will be correct.

However, if you think they can do something and not get bored! – You will again be correct.

Coaches’ attitude toward their player’s abilities and in-abilities will dictate their progress. Coaches’ will never find out what their players can and cannot do unless they are allowed to perform.

U-10 and younger – Keyword ‘PATIENCE.’ Teach the players to love to play soccer —without adult assistance. One main objective is limiting verbal instructions.  This is accomplished by using ‘buzz words’ like Warm-up, One+One, One vs. One, Small-Sided Game, Scrimmage, and Cool-down.

U-10 through U-14 – Keyword ‘PERSISTENCE.’ The primary goal is lots of repetition of the techniques. Players must become instinctive with moves according to the needs of the game. Players will not respond appropriately to this ‘tedious repetition’ unless the previous coaches instilled the love of the game in them.

U-14 and older – Keyword ‘PSYCHOLOGY.’ a vital goal is to work on the mental or tactical portion of the game. Working toward developing interdependent players; players who realize that ‘WE’ is the key to the teams’ success.

My primary mission for over 40+ years has been to provide helpful information for Coaches, Players, Referees, Administrators, and Parents.  Google and many youth soccer organizations agree.

Please take the time and Find Out Why – FUNdamental SOCCER is #1 and how it can be helpful to District-7!