Field Players

As a lifetime soccer player I understood the main benefit of pick-up games: More touches on the ball.  In our programs at Soccer in Slow Motion we put the ‘soccer-arenas’ to use years ago and haven’t looked back. Four of the key benefits that we really began to appreciate are:

  1. More touches on the ball: 100 touches or 500 touches – which would you prefer your child had while out working on improving their skills?
  2. The arenas have been setup everywhere making them super versatile: They’ve been used on blacktop, turf, grass, and inside gymnasiums. They’ve been used for soccer camps, skill clinics, soccer club events, entertainment at photo days, halftime show activities for pro teams, and international competitions.
  3. More decision-making opportunities on both offense and defense: The play changes quickly and players are required to act fast. The more opportunities players have to engage in various situations, the faster they can accumulate experience.
  4. Arena options: The SISM arenas can be divided with the patent-pending divider system. This allows for full field play from end to end, or it can be divided into  2 or 3 equal sections for training sessions, 1v1 and 2v2, soccer tennis, and more.

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Coach Louie Mata