Field Players

Are you getting ready for the summer? What activities will you suggest your players practice?

The summer time can be a great opportunity to play pick-up games, practice new skills, and enjoy learning to control the ball in fun, creative ways. Learning advanced ball control skills brings joy to the player as well as those around them. Get ready, I have 4 video clips this time to point out some differences in training! Watch a bit of each to get a feel for the differences.

We flew in Esteban Pantera from Mexico for an event in California and surprised the students at an elementary school with an unexpected exhibition. The school has many talented, young soccer players, and they had the chance to see one of the top 16 in the world.

Why freestyle soccer? How often have you heard a coach tell players to practice their juggling because it “is good for their ball control” and then tell them to work on reaching a target number? I’ve heard players tell me that their highest juggling record is 400, even 2,000. But just how much ball control are they really getting by repeating the same touch over and over? How many parts of the body were likely used by a player trying for a juggling record?

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