Boys Youth Referee of the Year

Daniel Maldanado 

How/Why did you become a referee?  I became a referee through my coach who as well was a referee and I wanted to become one because my family has a low financial status and it seemed an easy way to make extra money but then I actually started to like being a referee

What do you enjoy the most about refereeing? The traveling involved when referring tournaments out of my city and the money!

What do you like the least about refereeing? The parents that are uneducated about the rules of soccer and even some coaches who think they know everything even though they don’t have the same angel that my AR has or even the angel I have.

What “words of wisdom/advice” would you like to share/give to: 

Experienced Referees: Please let the beginning referees experience refereeing in their own ways and learn through trial and error.

Beginning referees: Refereeing is actually fun, and not all parents and coaches are annoying and threatening, some are actually understanding of what you do,

Coaches:  Continue what you are doing but for some to be more understandable of our mistakes during the game because everyone is human and no one is perfect and we try our best to call the game as referees,

Players:  Try becoming a referee to understand and experience refereeing so that they can actually make reasonable arguments against the referees because most of them are just plain unreasonable arguments,

Parents:  Just cheer for your child, don’t go yelling at the referee because no matter what once the call is made by the referee you’re not going to win and also try understanding the pressure that is on the referee as he is refereeing the game

If you had a magic-wand what major change(s) would you make in youth soccer?  Make everyone’s understanding of the game unbiased and for everyone to learn the Laws of the Game and truly understand the art of refereeing.