A National Referees’ Thoughts on the 4 v 4 Game

Some of the goals of small-sided, 4 v 4 youth soccer games are:

  1. Increase player participation, referred to many times as “getting more touches on the ball,” which translates into greater player enjoyment of the game.
  2. Introduce players to the concept of working together in a collaborative manner.
  3. Develop player’s spatial and directional awareness, without restricting players to specific positions on the field.
  4. Familiarize players with the most basic laws-of-the-game (LOTG), such as the ball may not be picked-up and/or carried and what the appropriate re-starts are.

David BraggFor referees, we are more “facilitators” of the goals above, than arbiters of the LOTG; teaching as we ensure the players are safe and enjoying themselves.

For more of my thoughts on: The role of the referee in the 4v4 game; Comparison to other games; and What is unwelcomed and/or not important in the 4v4 game go to:  FUNdamentalsoccer.com

David Bragg, National Referee Emeritus (2010 – Present); National Referee 1997-2009;

MLS AR 1996-2009; Indoor Referee; Futsal Referee; State Assessor; State Instructor