After All…It’s Only A Game

Have you ever noticed what happens when you put a group of children on a soccer field without any adult interference?  They pick their captains; divide the teams evenly so that neither team has a decided advantage, and play the game with very little dissent.  But…with adults involved, suddenly you have a situation where we are trying to make “our “ team just a little bit stronger so that “we” can win.
True, adult involvement is very necessary in organized soccer today.  Rules are important to keep the game safe for our players, and the referee is there to make sure that the rules are followed.  So why do we have increasing complaints from referees about harassment from adults on the sidelines?
Since we are supposedly doing this for the benefit of our children, perhaps we should consider what effect our sideline behavior is having on them.  After all, our children learn mostly from the examples we set for them.  Set a Good ExampleOur comments from the sidelines should be limited to positive, encouraging remarks to the players.

Try to remember that the referee is there to keep the game under control so that no one gets hurt. A fact of life is that referees will make mistakes and we only compound their mistakes by our negative comments.
Let us ‘adults’ take a look at ourselves and ponder what kind of examples we are setting for our children.  Have we forgotten that our original purpose was to get our children outside to play, get exercise, make new friends and have some FUN?  That is why we all got involved is it not?

After all, it is only a game and…”The outcome of our children is infinitely more important than the outcome of any game they will ever play..!:” KD
Your FUNdamental,
Koach Karl