Over the years, I’ve shifted from the simple thinking that I was teaching technical and tactical skills only. I believe coaching must include a player-centered approach that focuses on each player’s individual needs. I’m much more immersed in learning how to achieve and maintain the best from each player.

Training sessions should be an experience, and I’ve found it helpful to prepare for each session as if it were at the professional level. Coaches need to lead by example consistently, and that starts with a well-thought-out, clear and organized session. Challenge your players in a fun and helpful way that maintains a positive mindset and encourages players to recognize their mistakes and find better solutions. Here are a few ways you can deliver “the experience.”

  • Provide a positive and welcoming team environment.
  • Encourage creativity, imagination, and less worry about failure. 
  • Be a good teacher by understanding how to encourage, motivate, and inspire. 
  • Demonstrate good behavior by being a good role model, on and off the field.
  • Adapt to each player’s skill level. Teach players (and parents) to be patient with their development.
  • Create good learners that welcome a challenge and maintain a positive mindset.
  • Teach players to train with purpose and focus by setting goals for each session and game.
  • Every Season-Ending Goal