Coach: Improve while sheltering in Place

During these unprecedented times, there seems to be the mentality that players cannot improve their soccer skills and game but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  This is an opportunity to fine tune skills and improve other areas that affect aspects of the game.

You don’t have soccer specific equipment besides a ball?  No problem.  You can use items around the house such as t-shirts, canned goods, pretty much anything to use as cones.   Put the items out randomly in cluster and then dribble through them as quickly as you can using all different surfaces of your foot.  Soccer is unpredictable and you have to react quickly.  This is a great exercise to use to help create that environment.  YouTube has great examples if you need more inspiration.

Agility work and fitness- You can create a speed agility ladder with a simple piece of chalk.  Draw out 15 boxes in a straight line.  Practicing quick feet stepping in and out of the boxes. This can really elevate a player’s game.  It affects your explosiveness and quickness on and off the ball.

Fitness plays a major factor in a player’s performance.  You can do this with a ball or without a ball. With a ball is always more fun, so for this you can set up an obstacle course that you have to dribble through, maybe leave the ball and jump over a hurdle then run back and collect the ball for more dribbling. Race against a friend to see who gets the better time.

Nutrition- As a soccer family, we were always on the go and sometimes we grabbed snacks or meals on the road because it was quick and easy.  We have used this time to really hone in on our diet.  If you don’t fuel your body properly, you won’t be able to maximize performance.  This is a great opportunity to teach your kids how to make healthy snacks and good nutritious meals.

Jamie Levoy

California Storm Women’s Soccer

Executive Director