Boys Referee of the Year

Q & A (Part 1)

How/ Why did you become a referee?

During my junior year of high school back in 2016 one of my good friends had contacted me if I would be interested in becoming a referee since I was already a soccer player who understood the game. I took my chances and enrolled in the class for officiators which brought great changes to my life in such a positive way. Understanding the game through years of playing helped me greatly to grow as a referee because it has taught me leadership, responsibility, and professionalism on and off the field. With the choice of becoming a referee it has made me into a finer leader not only on the field but during school as well. I wanted to become a referee because I have love for the game and when my playing days came to an end I did not want to be separated from it. By being an officiator I wanted to honor the game in the perspective of an official because it holds great responsibility to ensure quality and persistent work which has shaped into the man I am today.

What do you enjoy the most about referring?

Nothing is more amusing to me than a good match of soccer that I can be a part of as an officiator. I enjoy being able to watch two competitive teams  go at it in a fast paced setting for the next ninety minutes knowing that I am in control of it all especially when it is challenging game for me. Witnessing the development of teams and players is what I enjoy most because it shows maturity in the players and growth from where they were before. Not only do I enjoy being a part of the game but as well as helping the upcoming referees because they are the future of the community and knowing that I can help them to perform at their best is what brings happiness to me day in and day out.

What do you like the least about referring?

For me it all comes down to players who do not abide by the laws of the game. The players who try to cheat their way throughout the whole game by committing reckless fouls just so they can “show off” how “good” they are when in reality they are only not making themselves look like fools but as well as their teammates and coaches. When negative sportsmanship is shown to the other team it gives me an unwanted feeling of disgust inside me because the game should always be respected as a player towards their opposing team. If they would not like the unsporting like behavior then why would they do it themselves to others.