Dear D7 Leagues,

As the European Cup Final signaled the end of the season in Europe, they started the planning for the start of the 2022/23 season.  So do we; this is preparation time for our Fall Season, yes 2022/23 will be here soon.

It is time to start reaching out to past Coaches and potentially new ones, get their backgrounds checked, and supply them with Balls, Cones, and updated education through orientation courses.

The purpose of the D-7 Coaching courses and the 9-Step Practice Routine in particular, are to give you a framework and structure you can use to make you and your team better.




Planning for your Referee pool, nothing like the hot summer months to hold Referee of Game Day Facilitator Courses. 

But more importantly, reaching out to the parents, new and old, to register their kids to play.

The Time Is Now!  The new 4 and 5-year-old players have been waiting to play, some for the first time.


Twelve Thousand Players Last Year Let Us Set 15,000

As the Baseline Goal.