Avoid Becoming A Helicopter Coach

“Step, drop, slide, take the space, switch it, look forward, use your goalkeeper, double, find (whomever), down the line, play early, support him/her, man on, turn, hold it, overlap, dribble, pass, shoot! …” and the list of commonly and frequently heard soccer terms goes on and on.

 The question is, who is barking out these instructions during games to players faced with problems to solve? The answer, far too often, is the coach.

Click Here for Bob Andrian’s suggestions on how YOU can avoid becoming a helicopter coach…


ATTEND a District=7 “pre-F” course … where you will learn:

  • To recognize that proper training and fair competition are essential to player success.
  • To run ability appropriate rather than age appropriate training session.
  • To instill the ‘Love of the Game’ into each player and…
  • That it is a long term process for players to develop into elite players.

Consideration of what should be coached, when, for how long and how often, is covered in these 3 hour classes. .

Send questions on scheduling a course near you to: koachkarl@fundamentalsoccer.com