A SOCCERevolution in D-7

In February 2024, during the District Board meeting, I asked your District Staff to set up an event to introduce a NEW way to play soccer.

How about a field with 4 or even 6 goals?
This small-sided league game is designed for what we all Love About Soccer – Lots of Goals and Scoring. Interested?

Interestingly, many European countries are already embracing and incorporating this style of play into their training sessions and league games.

For example, all clubs in Germany will have until the start of the 2024/25 season to introduce this new format, as it will be mandatory for ALL associated clubs.

(German Youth Football (Soccer) Restructure – Fundamental Soccer)

As we look ahead, the future is indeed exciting, especially in District 7. Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming demonstration event, KOME (details will be presented in a future edition of Karl’s Komments).

Your support and participation will play a crucial role in shaping the future of soccer in our district.