To All in the world of Komments

Never thought I would say this but “it’s all about winning” yes we need to play to WIN !

If we win what will the trophy look like ….
1. A large plastic tower with a figurine on top.. NO
2. A great big medal on a ribbon .. NO
3. A big plaque with champions on it .. NO

1. ️ Yes soccer balls on fields
2.  Oranges at half time
3. ‍‍‍ Families together at the field

4.  Happy Players having fun

Together we will win and Covid 19 will lose, Covid 19’s loss will be our gain.

But to WIN it will take teamwork.

We will learn to play and have fun, learning the new rules will take time but once again our Soccer community will thrive, WHY ? because we do this for our children.

Stay safe, follow the guidelines and plan to play.
Stay safe, follow the guidelines and plan to have FUN.