World Advanced Skill Training in District 7

Soccer in Slow Motion has been around since 2010 and throughout the years we have been teaching the advanced skills to clubs and academies around the world with our team of coaches. So it was a big surprise in 2016 when we began to hear that US Soccer was going to begin to implement modified rules to the game for the young and developing soccer players.

We were even more excited to get the opportunity to sit down with Karl Dewazien who was instrumental in helping make the shift to small-sided game play a reality for US Soccer and learn more about his FUNdamental Soccer ‘9-Step Soccer Practice’ as a means of improving our training structure.  With a system geared towards small-sided game play, we had to try it out as we’re always looking for ways to improve our program.

So how’d it go? We found it to be an excellent system to insert the teaching of our skills into. Like our training’s, the ‘9-steps’ emphasizes individual skill development through 1 v 1 training which then builds towards larger game play on the topic of the day.

Did you know there are world championships for the 1 v 1 Panna competitions?  SISM hosts an international competition that draws some of the top competitors from around the world. In 2016 an 11-year old from Japan came to compete and dominated his age bracket and more. Here’s a clip of Shiou’s Warmup:

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