Lionel Messi’s childhood idol Pablo Aimar was asked about the lack of creative players in soccer and his words are worth reading:

“People talk a lot about the lack of creative players.  But today if I go to play the guitar and the teacher tells me what I have to play and how I have to play it, the same thing tomorrow, the same thing after, but I never play it at home, so? 

What did we do 30 years ago???: We played three hours after our training sessions; the world was different.

Today, children only play that time they go to the academy. Before, you went to the academy to be polished a bit. When you played wild in the street, no one told you not to try a nutmeg in your area. They train you at the academy, but you already knew how to do a nutmeg.

Even more: we used to play that whoever got nutmegged was hit by all the players around. Today most guys don’t have that wild part of the game. I think in the academy we should give them a bit of that pure game.”

Long Live Wild Soccer. ⚽️⚽️