What Should WE Do

John O’Sullivan sent me his answer to the question, “During These Trying Times, What Should WE Do?”

His, “How to Help Your Athletes During COVID-19 Webinar.”  addresses the needs of our D-7 coaches current predicament of reaching/teaching our players.

John began his response by quoting advice he received from, Madeline Levine years ago about parenting, which was…

 Define success and expectations

Help your athletes understand:

o What they are going thru right now

o What they can control

o How the can best use their time

o Keep them and their parents in the loop

He continued with…

  • Enforce limits and consequences
  • Honor health and well being
  • Expect best effort and focus on process
  • Never rupture relationships
  • Build a sense of purpose and responsibility

And with your team you can…

  • Assign: Individual work they can do on their own or with family/siblings
  • Assign: Strength and conditioning work they can do
  • Suggest: A video each week to motivate them
  • Create: A contest to inspire them
  • Suggest: A book to read or documentary to watch

If you want ALL the FUNtastic details:

 Click: “How to Help Your Athletes During COVID-19 Webinar.”