What It Means to Be a Great Coach!

Great coaches look beyond the scoreboard to measure Success.

When your coaching days are over, you won’t be concerned with how many state championships or games you won, but you will be concerned with the depth of your relationships and how you impacted the young people you had the privilege to coach. It’s not about today, it’s about the big picture. Winning’s about developing individuals.

Great coaches praise and encourage their players based on effort, not outcome.

If you only celebrate the wins or praise the outcomes, your players or kids can begin to think that’s what matters most. It becomes easy for them to think that they’re only valued when they do well. By encouraging their work ethic, you’re developing a growth mindset, creating an internal locus of control (they can control how hard they work, but they can’t always control the outcomes), and setting them up to be process-oriented. The will to compete is great, but not when one loses sight of the process, and is only focused on outcome.