What Are Your Players Capable of?

Welcome back, this is Louie from Soccer in Slow Motion. This article includes 3 video links to from youth highlights to pro futsal so be sure to check them out!

Coach Louie Mata
Founder, SISM

This month I’ll share with you the progress made when we applied the most relevant “street soccer” skills to the pitch with a boys U10 team. I came to Liverpool Int’l Academy (formerly Pacific Soccer Academy from Los Gatos) to coach a team and to apply the advanced ball control skills that we use in our program.

The important decision is to ensure that the skills we taught could be used in game play. As I noted in article 1, when it comes to advanced skills, many coaches tend to think of tricks as moves that aren’t used in the game and a “waste of time” to be practicing. So it was my challenge to break that misconception and show the benefits that we’ve known about for years!

What are your players capable of? You won’t know until you provide them with the advanced ball control training that is used by some of the world’s most creative street soccer professionals.  Click here to read more about Advanced Ball Control Training, including some great videos on the topic.