To: All in District 7,

Yes, we are still in purple, but the new magic number is 14, no that is not 14 players, 14 coaches, or 14 teams. It is the local infection rate.

We Can

  1. Prepare to play. Yes, start to register on March 1st, 2021 CYSA will be accepting registration for the remainder of this year and next. For Leagues that are affiliated in CYSA for the 2021/2022 Seasonal year, you have the option to start registration, and your passes will be good until 8/31/2022.
  2. Prepare to coach while waiting for play to start, get registered, get your background check done, complete your Safe Sports, etc.
  3. Read up on all the guidelines for return to play R2P. Go to CalNorth website and see all the R2Pmessages and updates.
  4. Yes, referees its time for you to get registered, check your ref bag for all your gear, check for updates of the Laws of the Game

We Will

  1. 1. Be ready to play
  2. 2. Be registered and have our passes
  3. Follow the guidelines
  4. Wear our masks and wash our hands to keep the infection rate below 14
  5. When we play we will have FUN