District 7 held its first Chatboree.

Although not attended by many; the time chatting was enjoyed by those involved and found to be very helpful.  If anyone would like an idea of topics covered then please email the District 7 office (cysadistrict7@gmail.com) or email the Playing Program (district7pp@gmail.com).

The main lead of the Chatboree was the District’s staff; primarily Recreation and Coaching staffs and from it a few future actions were developed.

We intend to hold future Chatborees as a means of communicating from District to all League individuals and for League individuals to communicate with District Staff.

The District is here for your League and its individual members and communicating, by whatever means, allows us to understand your individual needs and either advise of what we already offer or help in any way we can.

Although with Covid-19 some Leagues within D7 are at level red. and some are still at purple, which means we are nowhere near playing nor fully training, the District is still here to support you.  This down time can be a time for planning, taking referee or coaching courses and we can help with all of that.

Stay positive and we all look forward to the day when all players under the District 7 umbrella will be out playing soccer and enjoying the sport once again.