We Are Playing or Are We ?

That is a question I cannot answer right now; but we have to plan to play. If we plan to play I believe we will.  But right now safety of all is so important.

We can control our own environment by following the best guidelines and policies offered. If we do not social distance then we will prolong this standoff.

The phases of practice are important read up and follow them; both US Soccer, US Youth Soccer and State Associations are sending out best practice guidelines. While the State, County and City are making policy.

What phase are we in? Do you know? If you don’t call your City and County and find out!  Then ask to be on a contact list if things change.

For example last week “bars opened” but Sunday they were told to close in 8 counties in CA. These rapid changes are to be expected in our sport and other sports. So keep informed, educate your players, parents and coaches.

If we all stay vigilant we will get through this situation, remember the safety of our kids is most important.

Stay Safe and Well,

John M Hodgson

D7 Commissioner