To All in District 7…

Rumor is we may go from Purple to Red, with new guidelines from the State, County and your Cities.  We all hope this happens soon.

One date mentioned is around October 13th.  But we all know what happened last time, no sooner did the State start to open up then we were closed down again!

We are part of a community that is undergoing many hard ships at present, due partly to Covid 19, displacements because of the fires and poor air quality to name a few.

Another event occurring in District 7 is Election Time.  The role of District Commissioner is up for grabs.

I will be offering to serve District -7 again and I think we have some challenges coming up on which we will all need to work together to bring soccer back to the kids.

I believe WE ALL need soccer to be back.

With all the above in mind, District 7 has decided to hold a ‘Soccer Chatboree.’ A chat time open to all in D-7 to be held on October 20th.  I hope you will join us and until then  Stay Well and Safe.

John M Hodgson

D7 Commissioner