As a pro-athlete, I was very driven and achieved a lot in my nine-year career. To name a few:

  • I was a top-five draft pick in 2007.
  • I scored the game-winner to win the US Open Cup that same year.
  • I won a Superliga title in 2008.
  • I won an MLS Cup in 2010.

However, achieving these goals didn’t fulfill me. While I had achieved all these things, I still felt empty, as if something had been missed.

No doubt, all those memories and achievements were wonderful. I’m thankful for all of them. Yet, those memories and accomplishments were fleeting.

Each achievement left me asking myself, “This is it?” “Is this all that I’ve worked so hard for? Is this what I’ve sacrificed so much for?”

I think a simple shift would’ve made these accomplishments way more enjoyable. I truly believe these feelings of emptiness occurred because I was so fixated on the outcome. My tendency to become tunnel-visioned on the result alone prevented me from enjoying the journey as much.

Reflecting on my career, I wish I had enjoyed the process more. And although I can’t go back, here’s a helpful reminder for all of us:

  • Don’t be so focused on outcomes, but rather fall in love with the process of becoming the best YOU — You can be!
  • Focus on improving every day.       
  • Focus on the baby steps.
  • Focus on the small wins.

Understanding that if you incrementally improve each day, each month, each quarter, you’ll see remarkable results and growth by the end of the year.  Please focus on the present; the process and the outcome will take care of themselves.

So, with that being said, immerse yourself fully in whatever you’re doing today. During practice. At the gas station. Talking on the phone. In class. Working with your colleagues. Spending time with your kids. Whatever it is, engage yourself fully in that moment!

Train your brain, transform your game… AND life!