These Komments were going to be about all the negativity Administrators and Officials get from Coaches, Managers, and Parents.

We hear and see daily “I cannot play”; “I decided not to play my league game and go to a tournament,” etc., and on and on.

But today, I went to Tracy for the CYSA/CalNorth special event for challenged players, yes, the TOPS Pumpkin fest 2022.

What a bring back to Why We Do This…. The smiles ear to ear on the players, the referees, and buddies helping the game. The stories from the players show that one young man likes Norwich City in the EPL but really likes Ice Hockey ((Las Vegas), his favorite team. But today was soccer

Then there was Stuart Hayes helping the game along. He has been a leader in TOPS for years. You can see by his enthusiastic approach to the kids why they enjoy playing this great sport.

Let’s all look at ourselves and think about how and WHY we became Administrators, Coaches, and Referees:

  To Give Kids the Opportunity to Play

So, let’s look to the future, where it’s about everybody playing, keeping your schedule, showing up on time, and letting the PLAYERS Play!!!!!