The WHY is so important

I suffered for a very long time with my mental health (eight years) until I found my WHY. That was eight years too many. My WHY was to give up my corporate job, take a massive pay cut and help children and coaches fall in love with soccer. It saved my life. As well as having a very strong supportive wife.

This is why youth sports are so important. The young player must have a strong ‘Why’ a dream that they can become significant, and the coach must first understand each player’s ‘Why’ and then reinforce it.

Motivation is essential to a coaching environment because it creates energy, enthusiasm, commitment, discipline, pride, persistence, and a willingness to learn. If the player and the coach pay regular attention to the ‘Why’ of playing soccer, they will readily move on to solving the ‘How’ of soccer.

Coaches must clearly understand what creates a motivational climate and what destroys it. Indeed, poor coaches are usually the key de-motivators. Players, especially young players, usually come to practice motivated. A poor coaching environment destroys that enthusiasm. Being involved in sports must be FUN!

Jason Carney

Father of five amazing children and Grandad to one! Director Of Coaching at FC Portland – UEFA & USSF A Licensed soccer coach – Author – The Soccer Coach’s Blueprint & You versus Yourself