Gather your teams and get ready to participate in the CalNorth D7 Playing Program for Fall 2024. It’s easy to join—just register with your local CalNorth Affiliated League. They will provide you with the opportunity to participate in one of our two levels of play.

Competitive League: Harold S. Young

Introducing the Harold S. Young Competitive League, a dynamic addition to our program. This league is designed to boost the competitive spirit of our teams at a low cost. With a flexible schedule that allows coaches to set their own matches, it’s the perfect choice for teams juggling busy schedules.

Recreational League: CalNorth D7 Playing Program

For those seeking a structured and enjoyable season, our Recreational League is the perfect fit. With a well-organized schedule for all participating teams, it’s a FUNtastic opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the joy of soccer this fall.

Your local CalNorth D7-affiliated league will have all the information you need to get started.

      For additional details, feel free to call:                             CalNorth D7-Office at 559-227-2972.

We are thrilled to see the diverse and new areas showing interest in joining us for the Fall Season. If you are part of a CalNorth D7 Affiliated League and we refer a new team to you, please help them register and get ready to play.

Thank you in advance for making the upcoming Fall Season an incredible opportunity for our kids in the Central Valley Area!