The Only Thing That Is Important!

happy children 2I would just like to take this time to thank all of the kids and parents that participated in this 2016-17 Fall season. As well thanks to all of the coaching staffs out there in D-7!

I feel we made some huge accomplishments in the area of scheduling allowing the coaches to review the schedule twice for any date conflicts. I believe this made for a smoother season, we still had many requests for changes even after the initial review, we have a remedy going to be placed into effect for the spring season.

I wish to thank the D-7 Playing Program committee for their time and talents, you all rock!!

Again we have made some great strides for a better future, we are faced with challenges every season, and we always overcome and seem to turn it into a positive experience for our youth!!! And that’s the only thing that’s important…!

Thanks again for everyone’s patience and support.
Diego Haro , D-7 Playing Program – Chairman