Changing Your Culture in 2017

How do you take a losing program and turn it around into a positive one? Not just results wise but across the whole program.  If its been a traditional losing program then major surgery is required starting with new management and a fresh approach.

The past is the past but retain any positive vestiges from that experience. New energy needs to be created to spark life into a struggling body. You might try these immediate steps: 

(a) Playing on a smaller pitch. Pro’s immediately understand the importance of space, amateurs rarely do. If you are playing on a regular sized pitch and your opponent is superior then a loss is coming your way. By shrinking the pitch and getting organized you can negate their ability to where you have leveled the gap in ability.  

(b) Fitness. Unfit players and teams deserve to lose. 

(c) Playing Surfacesgraham-ramsay2. If you have the facility of two or more different playing surfaces then let your opponent always play on a alien pitch. That is if they always play on “turf” then put them on grass and vice versa.  


Graham Ramsay – Executive Director, The Soccer School

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