The Genius fo the Imagination (Part I)


Where does creativity come from? Where does a lifelong passion find its way into lives like Pele or Johann Cruyff? You can’t buy it as they had not the means to invest in anything as they came from poor backgrounds. They didn’t have TV’s, I-Phones but they did possess certain work ethic and live in environments where soccer was important in their daily lives. The sport was alive & vibrant in their neighborhood. The sport was never far away from them.

For example, Johann’s trademark spin turn was born out of his imagination and talent of Johann and hours of practice. Much of that was in his backyard or playing with friends. He didn’t have a coach/adult or videos/dvd’s or books to consult.

Environment is a critical element to spur youngsters to play pick-up soccer on a regular basis. It’s a great testing ground for ideas and see them fly or burn. They are very creative when given the chance but when a result is more important than playing the game players tend to revert to cautious ways due to peer pressure.

Youngsters are incredibly smart when it comes to experimenting & adapting to ideas. They don’t get hung up on rules but they will change a game to fit their needs. They might play 20 a side. Adults think that wrong but somehow children make it work. They adapt to what’s in front of them and go from there.

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