The Big Question

Spring is in the air!  The sun is shining and your Registrars are learning a new software program for registration.

Many of our Leagues are having their annual meetings; new boards members are being elected or appointed and volunteers are being recruited to help serve!!

The big question:  Who Do We ‘Serve’?

The most common response is, ‘The Players!’ 

If this is true, then everybody must make decisions with the kids’ best interest in mind.

So now is the time to set budgets and registration dates. Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • Try and budget to keep the per-player cost as low as possible!
  • Make registration as easy as possible (if that means offering on-line registration or a good old fashioned sign-up table at the schools).

Let’s all make a concerted effort to reach out and increase the number of players in each and every league and keep our newly trained registrars extremely busy.

Good Luck to All in Your Efforts!