Positive attitudes…..

That’s what we need right now. Unfortunately with the latest comment from State of California, due to the spike in the number of cases, that can be a challenge.  But, we have to believe soccer will be played in the fall.

The playing program is submitting to District 7’s Board a suggestion of possible play dates for Fall League, with an alternative if return to play is delayed later than we hope.  Obviously anything we do will be in accordance with State legislation and County and Cities’ legislation.

In order for teams to be formed District 7 is relying on coaches and leagues to be advertising, to get kids signed up.  Registrars need to be finding Covid-compliant ways of handling registration.

Another potential issue we could have to playing, either in house or at district level, is where to play.

Let’s hope lots of safe playing fields become available in the school districts and cities’ parks.  At this time it may mean Leagues have to work harder at finding these safe locations.

Anyway please all stay safe, follow the rules of State, County/City for practices and keep positive that D7 soccer will be back as soon as it can be!!!