I really want to ‘Thank’ all of the volunteers who give of their time and talents to the youth in our D-7 Membership.  Because of your selfless acts I feel that our kids will eventually become leaders

in our communities!

I strongly believe that the kids who participate in our programs are receiving the best from all of the adult volunteers within our programs.

“We here in D7 are the best at what we do.”

So coaches when you hear or see something happen that is positive please let everybody around know what you just witnessed. Let’s work on superseding the negatives with as many positives as possible.

VERY IMPORTANT: Coaches the application to Host Home matches has been sent.  Please contact your league officials to confirm that you will be able to have Home matches.  Also, get your rosters into your league officials so they can submit them to the D7 office by the February 2, 2018 deadline.  One exception: If needed to round out a bracket teams may be accepted after the deadline.

Thanks Again To All of You for Your Support!!!

Diego Haro

Playing League Chairman

Cell# 1-559-301-5395