Street Soccer Promotes Sportsmanship and Fair Play

In a time when we look to see how we can reduce referee abuse; sideline coaching from well-meaning coaches and parents; to continuing to improve sportsmanship is always welcomed. In this article, I’d like to share what it’s like inside the ‘street soccer scene’ from the top down.

As mentioned before, street soccer has evolved from the casual, open play to some of the most creative and technical ball control moves.  It may surprise you that the skills and mindset are something that does not come from being an experienced soccer player or the world’s best players either.  MLS, Champions League, etc. some of the top in the world do not have these skills. The learning curve to the top is steep and the challenges are endless… making this side of the sport incredibly fun!  Here are two examples for you, the difference in the technical street soccer skills compared to a top soccer player.

Neymar gets panna’d by Sean Garnier – The street scene remembers this all too well.  It’s a great example of how far the advanced skills have come.  Another entertaining opportunity for Sean and Neymar to share their skills is at another Red Bull event. The difference in clean, technical skills can be seen.

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