Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung…..  Well it has for CYSA D7’s Soccer.

March sees the start of our Spring League season.

Both Diego and I would like to thank all coaches who entered the season and the Leagues who are hosting the games.

There has been a good number of teams enter and when this goes to press, the schedule will have been visible for coaches to check for 10 days.  As it worked well in the Fall, the schedule will have been locked in at 8pm on February 28th giving the hosting Leagues time to find referees.


Games start on March 7th and we are hoping for a season of dry weekends and rainy Mondays/ Tuesdays, meaning games can be played as scheduled and the Ag families still get lots of water for their crops.

As all brackets but one are combined there will be both a Rec and an Advanced bracket winner.

Have a Fun and a safe Spring season of Soccer!

Any positive feedback you would like to share regarding your games in Spring League please email to:  Koach Karl (koachkarl@fundamentalsoccer.com) for posting in this District newsletter: Karl’s Komments.