Spring 2023 – It’s Sprung and Begun!

District 7 playing program spring season started on March 18th.  We were worried that we might not get started, but the rain gods were good to us, and we only had one field closure and, therefore, one rescheduled game.

However, the rain gods have kept us on our toes as we wondered if our second weekend would be as playable.  But again, thankfully, we played all games. 

As I write this, the rain is not yet over, and we all know how much our State needs the rain, but I am always very thankful when our games are not rained out.  Trying to reschedule a game is always a lengthy process and sometimes impossible to do.  Our kids have signed up to play, and that is what we want them to do, so long as it is safe!

However, some areas in our District have seen too much rain or too much in a short time.  I hope everyone in our soccer family was safe during the flooding.

In the hope that our excessive rainy season is over, we hope spring helps to make you feel alive, fit, and healthy and that: the weather gets warmer; the days lengthen; the birds sing loudly; the flowers/trees blossom, and we all appreciate that it feels good to be out in the fresh air.

We are almost on Easter break, so WE in the Playing Program wish you a delightful Spring season and a FUN Spring Break!