Tonight when out for a walk I came across a very different sight, actually it was very unusual!  Was it that the four kids I saw used the crosswalk? Waited for the cars to stop? No there where two girls and two boys between 7 and 12 years old….carrying a soccer ball. They had been at a school yard playing soccer.

John M Hodgson
CYSA/Cal North D7 Commissioner

In this day and age of win at all cost, only play if the conditions are perfect, not playing if “my best players are missing”, I was reminded that 98% of the kids play for fun.  I wonder if these kids had watched a Fresno FC or Fresno State game, did they pretend to be Neymar or Messi.

So to all out there I remind you this is the kids game, let them play, US Soccer has given us the adults a great opportunity to change the game. Small side games equals more touches. No heading means concentration on foot skills. Build out lines to teach building from the back.

Kids should play in their age groups on the appropriate size fields, remember if a player is 11 and plays on a U13 team it is a different size ball, bigger ball means more weight.

There is a reason for different sizes of equipment it’s based on the development of our players.