SOCCERevolution RULES 

 The ‘SOCCERevolutions’ Not-Set-In-Stone “Playing Rule” changes for the ….

(U-6)(U-8)(U10) and (U-12) age groups have sparked the following responses …

Darren Holden: These are Great “New Revolutionary Rules!”

  • Street soccer provides this worldwide. In America, we compete against high-scoring games like basketball and football.

  • Kids want to feel excitement when they leave a game, so they want to come back again, go back again next practice, etc. Scoring goals does that.”

  • I love the idea of open nets. Learn to defend on the field.”

  • This also promotes future goalkeepers being field players first, as we see the game demands.”

  • This also helps overcome goalie burnout by the time they reach 12-14.”

Austin Gomez:  These ‘New Revolutionary’ Rules for these very young Age-Groups seem CONSISTENT with the Game of Soccer at these levels.

  • In other words, they prioritize Letting Players Play not for the Final Score but for their actual Playing Time, sensible field dimensions, and, most importantly, the ENJOYMENT of the game.

  • These ‘transitional’ Revolutionary New Rules are all for the GOOD of the GAME at these particular levels of play, aiming to keep these very Young Players engaged with soccer for a longer Period of Time and thereby limit the current dropout rate.”

Victor J Malagisi:

“I really like the proposed changes, especially the part about ‘containing parents’ so kids can play without interference.”