Soccer In Slow Motion™

In 2006 Nike’s Joga Bonita campaign launched promoting the beautiful game, fair play, creativity, and more. It helped raise the awareness of the creative side of the sport and over the years it has evolved into what we do at Soccer in Slow Motion . The skills have become much more technical, players have pushed the limits of creativity, and around the world younger and younger players are already developing these skills. A very important question, “Coaches and players in D-7 do you want to keep up?”

Louie Mata
Founder, SISM

When I began training in street soccer 6 years ago it was as if my 40 years of soccer experience was of relatively little use. The ground combinations were at first as difficult as they looked, the panna and akka moves ranged from looking simple to ridiculously complex. Then I found the FUNdamental SOCCER methodology which has simplified my approach to develop the next generation of soccer players.

Soccer in Slow Motion is a method of training that involves breaking skills down into separate components, and teaching players slowly, but more efficiently. A few key results include an increase in players’ use of their peripheral vision in game play and a higher number of skills to access that become second nature. Players learn ways to split defenders, go around and through opponents, and their confidence goes up because of the depth of their unique and applicable skills.

Since seeing is believing please check-out this video clip of U10 boys incorporating some relevant skills after only two seasons of SISM training:

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