So You Call Yourself a Youth Soccer Coach

When coaching young players the problem most new coach’s face is finding the best way to organize training sessions. How to incorporate and organize conditioning and the technical aspects of the game. Sound familiar?

Coaching youth soccer has a fine line which over the years has slowly faded and nearly disappeared. Does anyone know what this line is?

The line if drawn on the field would separate the coaching aspect of training and the other side would represent the education of the player. If you only take one lesson from this post it’s this: Coaching plans specifically designed for young players should not only focus on coaching the player, but also educating the person as well. Notice how I didn’t say player on the second part?

Next time you take your kids to training ask yourself these questions:

1)Is the coach developing my child?  2)Is the coach educating my child?  3)Is the coach passionate about soccer and the development of my child?  4)Are the training sessions stimulating and fun?  If you cannot answer yes to all of the above, let me give you some advice which you can find at:

By Thomas Karapatsos