Skin In The Game

Here is a program that started with nothing – no money, no sponsors, very few adults, but a group of children whose wit and intelligence created a soccer empire the envy of the soccer world. They have won countless awards. They even designed & created their own ball out of banana leaves. Their brilliance won them awards from FIFA. & UNESCO. So when I meet adults here saying youngsters are not smart enough and couldn’t organize a booze up in a brewery if they tried. I beg to differ. I think our children are more than smart enough to create their own teams & league.

Without knowing it adults have invaded their rich world of children’s play and sanitized & over organized it to where we have the best organized and smartest dressed players in the world but little to no talent to show for it. They have no real investment other than to show up and play.

They need to be more involved in organizing their own team- planning training sessions, selecting captains, discussing tactics, etc.

We need youngsters to take back their game to the playgrounds, streets & parks. We need them to learn to create their own teams, coach themselves and build their own leagues.

We all want our youngsters to grow up into smart, intelligent, open minded, caring human beings – 2 out of 4 isn’t bad either.

If we slow down the race to win trophies a bit and cared more about the education of our youth. We might produce better human beings and real talent. Let’s build BANANA TEAMS & LEAGUES.

So check this video out and they are one of 100’s of leagues/ teams on this planet that follow this route.

If you want help please do not hesitate to contact me and I would enjoy sharing these ideas.