Shaping the Future of D-7 Soccer (Together!)

Dear D-7 Soccer Community,

I am reaching out to rally the D-7 soccer community around a FUNtastically important cause: Nurturing the passion for soccer in our youngest players to develop a Lifelong Love for the Game!

A Call to Action

  1. Read, Reflect, Respond: I invite you to read/approach the thought-provoking articles—“Reconstruction,” “Evidence,” and “Verdict(s)”—featured in this newsletter with an open mind. Let’s engage in constructive dialogue together because nothing is etched in stone!

  2. Change and Growth: Much like our country’s founders adjusted the Constitution to meet changing needs, it’s important for you to adapt the SOCCERevolutions to your local needs. Your thoughts and ideas are really needed and welcomed!

  3. Spread the Word: Let your networks know about our mission. Remember, your involvement is crucial. Together, we can improve the future of soccer in D-7 for our youngest children/players.

  4. Please Share Your Ideas:

Email me at with your thoughts.

On Behalf of the Children We Serve, I ‘Thank You!’